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Why is the average golfer no better today than he was fifty years ago?

Updated: Dec 5, 2019

In the sixties and seventies, the clubs we used were quite different. Our drivers and fairway woods were short, heavy, and built with small wooden heads. We didn't have graphite shafts, every club in our bag was built with a heavy steel shaft. Our irons were weaker lofted and our iron heads were smaller and much less forgiving. We didn't have hybrids, lob wedges, or adjustable driver heads No one got fit for their clubs, in fact, no one even considered it. Furthermore, the golf balls were very inconsistent and so easily damaged that players commonly replaced them throughout the round.

Back then, the average golfer struggled to break ninety.

In comparison, today's clubs are far lighter, and far more forgiving. Some putters look like they came straight out of Star Wars. The golf balls are vastly superior, and free club fitting is generally included in the purchase price. Plus, with the aid of range finders and GPS devices, from any location on the course players are able to easily calculate the distance to hazards, the front of the green, the flag, and the back of the green!

Unfortunately, even with all of these advantages, the average golfer is still struggling to break ninety.

This is because golf is not about technology. Regardless of how well the equipment is designed, equipment alone will not make the user a better golfer.

Golf is a game that is PLAYED. If you would like to score lower, you'll need to learn how to PLAY it better. There is no other way. You can't buy lower scores.

The bottom line is that today's average golfer is PLAYING THE GAME no better than the average golfer did fifty years ago. Which is why the average handicap is essentially the same.

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