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My Lesson Rates

All rates include range balls



90-Minute Full Game & Equipment Evaluation:         $89.00

Private Seven Lesson Signature Series                     $90.00 for each 60-minute lesson

Two Student Seven Lesson Signature Series            $60.00 per student for each 60-minute lesson


Private Single 60-Minute Lesson:                               $100.00

Private Single 30-Minute Lesson:                               $60.00


Private Two Hour Rate:                                               $180.00

     Two Students:                                                        $120 each

    Three Students:                                                     $100 each

Private Half Day Session (4 Hours):                            $360.00

     The Half Day Session includes lunch

      2 Students:                                                            $240 each    

      3 Students:                                                            $200 each


Two Hour Playing Lesson                                            $200.00

          Includes warm-up balls, green fees, and cart fees

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