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My Golf Swing Philosophy

Striving to hit the ball more consistently and farther, golfers look for answers on YouTube, The Golf Channel, books and magazines. Unfortunately, finding new ways to consciously manipulate your golf swing only makes matters worse. You can’t think your way to a better golf swing. In fact, the less you think the better you will swing!

I don’t teach swing mechanics, I teach a swing philosophy referred to as Easiest Swing. This simple philosophy was taught for decades to thousands of golfers around the world by the legendary golf professional Brian Sparks.

This commonly practiced approach is sometimes referred to as the “connect-the-dots” method, or “cookie cutter” method. It seldom works and most commonly makes students worse.    


Through many years of coaching, Brian found that his students progressed much faster when they quieted their mind, stayed fully relaxed, and learned Six Core Swing Basics:



                                    Weight Shift






Brian encouraged his students to discover their own natural swing; to disregard traditional restraints and enjoy complete freedom of motion. He wanted his students to swing with effortless grace, not forced effort. To effectively apply the Six Core Swing Basics, Brian taught each of his students the Three Deadly Don’ts:


                                    Don’t try to keep your head still

                                    Don’t try to keep your lead arm straight

                                    Don’t try to keep your front foot rooted to the ground on the backswing


Today, we Easiest Swing coaches have added a fourth “Deadly Don’t”…


                                    Don’t feel tension in any part of your body


Brian successfully taught his Easiest Swing philosophy throughout Europe for over forty years. Before his passing in January of 2022, I was fortunate enough to have spent many hours talking to him about golf and effective coaching. We read each other’s books and shared decades of experiences. He was very generous with his time, I considered him to be my greatest mentor.  I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to learn from him.

Today I consider it a privilege to pass along his wonderful ideas to my many students. I continuously work with and learn from Brian’s brother, British PGA professional Philip Sparks, and his lead Easiest Swing Coach, Sean Herron.


In his famous three minute YouTube video (Below), Brian demonstrates his famous “La Danse du Golf” drill and the effortless swing motion he taught. While he doesn’t say a word, this short video has over 700,000 views and is still quite popular!

Early in his career, Brian discovered that the golf swing could not be effectively taught through the traditional method of forcing his students into a series of unnatural positions.  

Simple Path
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