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Beginning Golfers


I always enjoy introducing beginning players to the game of golf. Golf is a game that can be enjoyed with family and friends for a lifetime.


My goal is to teach beginners how to actually “play” the game. Learning how to effectively “play” golf involves far more than simply learning how to hit the ball with a full swing on the driving range.


In my seven week “Beginning Golfer Series”, my students learn:

    .How to “swing” the golf club as opposed to “hit” or “chop” at the ball.   

.How to effectively putt and hit short shots around the green.

.How to control the distance they hit the ball through selecting the appropriate club.

.How to create shots from the variety of lies they will encounter on the golf course.

.Golf rules and playing etiquette.

.How to effectively practice both at the golf course and at home.

.How to purchase an affordable properly fit set of golf clubs.

.How to effectively play 100-yard golf holes.


To expedite the learning process, throughout the series of lessons I supply students with teaching materials and videos.


At the completion of the seven lesson series, I take each student out on to the Goose Creek Golf Course for free playing lesson ($200.00 value). I want them, to enjoy the experience of “playing” golf.

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