I Would Certainly Enjoy the
Opportunity to be Your Coach!

I most enjoy working with average golfers willing to spend the time and effort needed to significantly grow their game. Over the years, I've developed an affordable series of lessons that has proven to be quite successful. I've worked to make the series as student friendly as possible. The benefits to you would be as follows:


FREE 2 Hour Playing Lesson - $160 Value!

At the completion of your seven lesson series, I'll give you a

FREE 2-Hour playing lesson!


Save $20 Every Lesson and Pay As You Go...

You don't have to pay for the full series in advance and you're not obligated in any way. You just pay $80 ($20 below my standard hourly rate of $100) at the completion of every lesson and, if you're not 100% satisfied with your progress, you can quit at any time.


Schedule Lessons At Your Convenience...

To steadily progress, you need to schedule your lessons in a manner that provides you with adequate time to practice. You can take lessons once a week, once every other week, or even once a month. It's entirely up to you.

Grow Your Understanding of the Game...

This series is designed to provide the student with a better understanding of the game of golf and how it is best played. You'll learn to become a better golfer. Not just the same golfer with a different looking swing!


You'll Stay On A Proven Path...                        

I keep records of your progress and each lesson serves as the foundation for the next lesson. The goal is to continuously move forward. To continuously improve.


You Save On Golf Clubs...                                             

I offer my students substantial savings on my beautiful custom-built KZG golf clubs. You could easily save enough on your equipment to pay for all of your lessons!

My Coaching Rates

90-Minute Equipment & Full Game Evaluation


This is the perfect way for you to acquire a better understanding of your game, and to learn exactly how I teach. To learn more CLICK HERE

60-Minute Lesson $80 


The cost of range balls is included in the price

Free 2-Hour Playing Lesson $160 Value!


Warm-up balls, cart and green fees are all included in the price. I teach the "Five Essential Playing Skills" outlined in my book Understanding Golf. It's a great way to both improve your focus and learn effective curse management. 


Seven Hours to Becoming
A Far Better Golfer

- My Signature Course -

Through taking this series of lessons you'll greatly expand your understanding of golf, significantly improve your ball-striking skills, and most imortantlyu - learkn how to become  A FAR BETTER GOLFER!

The Seven Session Schedule is as follows: 

 HOUR ONE:      Learn How to Significantly Improve your Putting & Chipping

 HOUR TWO:     Learn How to Significantly Improve your Green Side Pitching & Sand Play

 HOUR THREE:   Learn How to Control How Far you Hit your Wedges & Short Irons

 HOUR FOUR:     Learn to Understand and Effectively Manage YOUR Golf Swing

 HOUR FIVE:       Learn How to Drive the Ball Farther and More Accurately

 HOUR SIX:         Learn How to Master Specialty and Recovery Shots

 HOUR SEVEN:  Review & Learn How to Create Effective Shots on the Golf Course

Cost: $80 Per One Hour Session

Pay as You Go & Learn at Your Own Pace!


FREE 2 Hour Playing Lesson - $160 Value!

After completing the "Seven Hours to Far Better Golf" instructional course, you'll receive a FREE 2 Hour Playing Lesson warm-up balls, green fees and golf cart included.

In this 2-Hour session. You'll learn the Five Key Playing Skills outlined in my book "Understanding Golf". Specifically, you'll learn how to greatly improve your Shot Selection, Club Selection, Intention, Set Up Position and Swing Focus. Improvement in these five areas is the REAL SECRET to permanently lowering your average score!


Series #2

"Reach Your Scoring Goals"

Cost: $80 per lesson - Pay as you go!



In this series of lessons, you'll learn how to take your improved ball-striking skills to the golf course, create effective golf shots, and reach your scoring goals.


I'll personalize the agenda to address your specific needs.  The goal will be to work on the weakest areas ot your game and grow those areas into strengths.


Each Lesson will focus on one or two of the following topics:


● Developing Fluid Motion 

● Pre-Shot Routine

● Full Swing Management 

● Course management

● Advanced recovery shots 

● Shot Shaping

● Second Level Putting 

● Second Level Chipping

● Second Level Wedge Play

● Second Level Pitching

● Second Level Sand Play

● Driver Distance



FREE 2 Hour Playing Lesson - $160 Value!

After completing seven lessons, you'll always receive a FREE

2 hour playing lesson. Warm-up balls, green fees and golf cart

included. We'll evaluate how you've progressed in every aspect of your game.