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  • How much does a fitting session cost?
    With the purchase of KZG golf clubs, there is no charge for the custom fit. It is included in the purchase price. Otherwise, I charge $100 per hour.
  • Do you fit indoors or outdoors?
    From an indoor hitting bay, you’ll hit balls out and onto the Goose Creek driving range. You’ll be able to see the full flight of every shot you hit. During the fitting process, we often move outside and hit balls off the grass as well.
  • Do you use a launch monitor?
    Yes, I use a GC Quad.
  • Do you use video when fitting?
  • What are the biggest fitting mistakes most golfers make?
    In order, the biggest mistakes I see would be: Not being fit for their putter. Not being fit for their wedges. Being more concerned with driver distance than accuracy Not considering the specification balance of their set composition. Being overly concerned with brand name. Playing 2 or more clubs that carry the same distance.
  • Does everyone fit golf clubs the same way?
    No. Club fitters are similar to swing instructors in the sense that each has their own ideas. You could be fit by three highly respected club fitters and receive three very different recommendations.
  • How do you fit?
    I stay focused on the quality of contact. I determine the club specifications that will provide a particular client the ability to make square and centered contact and send the ball on a playable trajectory the highest percentage of time. I do this for every club in the bag - putter thru driver.
  • Will fit golf clubs significantly lower my average score?
    No. While fit golf clubs will certainly make the game easier to play, to significantly lower your average score you’ll need to acquire a deeper understanding of the process of improvement. Golf clubs, unfortunately, don’t swing themselves.
  • Can you make fitting adjustment to my current clubs?
    Certainly. I can’t always make ALL the adjustment you might need, but sometimes I can. Making adjustments to your current set can save you a lot of money.
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