Frequently asked questions about golf clubs

Is there a best brand of golf club?

No. If there was, every professional golfer would be using it. I sell KZG Golf Clubs exclusively because of their excellent quality and percise building process.

Are golf clubs continually getting better?

No. Manufacturers have to stay within the design guidelines established by the United States Golf Association. From a playing standpoint, golf clubs are as good as they’re going to get….sorry.

Do PGA and LPGA touring professionals always play with the newest designs?

No. While many professionals are required to play the newest designs (due to the terms of their endorsement contract), there are professionals on every major tour who continue to play and win with older designs.

Would I play better if I purchased the newest brand name golf clubs?

No. When selecting golf clubs, you need to forget about brand names and focus on club specifications. You'll play better with golf clubs built to the specifications that best compliment your size, strength, and basic swing motion.

Are KZG golf clubs as good as brand-name clubs?

I believe KZG golf clubs are actually better!
Brand-name golf clubs are most often assembled out of the country, by low wage workers, in a manner similar to an assembly line. KZG operates by a different playbook. At KZG, sets of golf clubs are built one at a time, by a professional club maker, right here in Palm Desert, California. Their precise assembly process includes:

· Weight sorting and custom sizing grips.
· Weight sorting, spine aligning, and frequency matching shafts to +/- 1 cycle per minute.
· Weight sorting and bending heads to exact specifications

The result is a remarkably well balanced, tour van quality set of golf clubs. You don't get that with mass-produced, brand-name clubs.

What kind of warranty do your clubs have?

Every golf club I sell has a lifetime warranty against breakage under normal use. The grips, of course, should be periodically replaced.

Why don’t they play KZG golf clubs on the PGA or LPGA Tours?

Tour players get well paid to play a particular brand of golf club; and only a few very large manufacturers can afford to pay the huge endorsement contracts that tour players demand. As a result, there’ll always be a very limited number of golf club brands being played on tour. It’s not about quality, it’s about money.

Regardless of the brand they’re currently playing, all tour players have their clubs built, and often modified to fit their eye and personal specifications. The brand name golf clubs you see being played on the PGA and LPGA Tours are certainly not the same over-priced, mass-produced, brand-name golf clubs being sold through the internet or at your local mega store.

How long does it take to receive custom built KZG golf clubs?

You can generally receive your custom built set within a week.