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How I would help you improve




I believe that most players take golf lessons with the hope of lowering their average score through developing a “better” golf swing. In my second book, Understanding Golf, I wrote that to significantly and permanently lower your average score you need to do more than make a few adjustments to your golf swing.

Golf is a game that is “played”. Therefore, there is only one way to significantly lower your average score, you have to becoming a better “player”. 

Becoming a better “player” requires that you improve your five “playing skills” – Shot Selection, Club Selection, Intention, Setup Position, and Swing Focus.


In other words, for significant long-term improvement, you need to become a better all-around golfer – not just the same golfer with a different looking swing. Helping each student become a better “golfer” is my mission and the reason I refer to myself as a golf coach as opposed to simply a swing instructor. 

When helping a student improve their ball-striking, I don’t teach a particular swing method or technique. Instead, I focus exclusively on improving my student’s ability to consistently make good quality contact. I’m a firm believer in the old adage – the golf ball doesn’t care how you swing, it only responds to the clubface at impact.

Accepting that everyone does and should swing differently, I strive to help each of my students better understand their own swing and discover their own way to consistently make good quality contact. I’ve found that through working with my students natural swing motion, rather than against it, the process of improvement is greatly accelerated.

I strive to teach each of my students how to significantly and permanently lower their average score through helping them with their equipment, improving their ball-striking skills, expanding their understanding of the game, and developing their five playing skills.

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