Helping Struggling Golfers Learn and Evolve

If you've been struggling for a long time to lower your average score,you're either playing to your full potential or you have a limited understanding of the game and the process of improvement. Trust me it's the latter.

Today's golfer has been led to believe that lower scores are achieved through hitting the ball farther, purchasing expensive brand-name golf clubs, and changing their golf swing. So when they stop improving, they buy new golf clubs, start changing their golf swing, swing harder.....and score worse!

Golf is not about technology, swing mechanics, or maximizing the carry distance of every club in your bag.

Golf is also not about the mindless repetition of one swing motion, from a perfect lie, on level ground, with an expensive golf club. Which describes how most golfers understand the game and practice.

During a round of golf, the player is challenged to hit the ball to a specific target from uneven lies and a variety of ground conditions - almost never facing the same shot twice!


Success requires imagination  and the understanding of how to most easily create the impact conditions needed to produce the desired result.

I teach each of my students  how to:


Improve their ball-striking​ through  learning to better understand and better manage their own natural swing motion.


Improve their short game through learning effective short game techniques and practice methods.

Improve their course and game management through learning the Five Essential Playing Skills I outlined in my book ​"Understanding Golf".

Significantly lower their average score

through learning to understand and approach golf differently​.

Practice more efficiently through applying the principles of purposeful practice.