Why I ONLY Offer
KZG Golf Clubs

If you read my first book, "The Mad Science of Golf", you know that I am not a big fan of mass-produced brand-name golf clubs.   As a rule, I find them to be over priced, over marketed, and built with unacceptable manufacturing tolerances.


I much prefer working with smaller companies who are focused primarily on the individual customer as opposed to the global market.


Today, I work exclusively with a small golf equipment company named KZG. A company known throughout the golf industry and around the world as The #1 Custom Pro Line.  I am currently recognized as one of their "World's Top 100 Club Fitters".


Brand-name golf clubs are most often assembled out of the country, by low wage workers, in a manner similar to an assembly line. KZG operates by a different playbook. At  KZG, clubs are assembled one at a time, by professional club makers, right here in Palm Desert, California

I specifically selected KZG for the following reasons:


Pro-Line Quality

The quality of KZG's original head designs and proprietary line of shafts is truly exceptional. I honestly feel they are as good or better than any on the market.


Extensive Heads Selection 

As a fitter, my goal is to select the particular head design that will help my client make square and centered contact and launch the ball on a playable trajectory the highest percentage of time. Through working with KZG, I can select from 14 different iron heads, 8 driver heads, 4 hybrid heads, and 8 putter heads!


Extensive Shaft Selection

In addition to Novatech (KZG's outstanding proprietary line of golf shafts), KZG offers their customers a wide variety of shafts from some of the most respected names in the golf industry - Aerotech, Graphiote Design,Matrix, and KBS.

Tour Van Quality Builds

Brand-name golf clubs are most often assembled out of the country, by low wage workers, in a manner similar to an assembly line. KZG operates by a different playbook. At KZG, sets of golf clubs are built one at a time, by a professional club maker, right here in Palm Desert, California. Their precise assembly process includes:

Weight sorting and custom sizing grips.

Weight sorting, spine aligning, and frequency matching shafts to

+/- 1 cycle per minute.

Weight sorting and bending heads to exact specifications.

The finished result is a remarkably well balanced, "tour van quality" set of golf clubs. What more could my customer ask for?

Personalizing Options

To further personalize their set, KZG customers are given the opportunity to select the color of their shafts, grips, ferrules, and (on some head designs) even the   paint fills!!!

Company Support

Because KZG is a small company, I am able to routinely speak with the owner, Jennifer King, and the key members of her staff - British professional and Master Club Fitter, Brad Whalen; Master Club Builder, Eric Sherman: and International Sales Representative, Steve Kinney. They all deeply believe in the KZG brand and they're an invaluable source of information and guidance.

Exceptional Value

When you consider the depth of the fit, the quality of the product, and the precise building process, you have to conclude that KZG golf clubs offer exceptional value.​

Please take a few moments to look through the KZG website, KZG.com.  And the next time you visit my shop, hit a few balls with my KZG demo clubs. I know you'll enjoy the experience!