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Golf Club Fitting

PGA and LPGA Tour players are not concerned with brand names. What they are concerned with are club specifications.  Regardless of brand of golf club they play, professionals always have their golf clubs built to their personal specifications - to the specifications that provide them with the ability to make quality contact and send the ball on their preferred flight pattern the highest percentage of time.


Professionals play with fit golf clubs that are easy for them to use – AND SO SHOULD YOU!  For over 20 years I’ve encouraged golfers at every level to forget about the brand name and FOCUS ON SPECIFICATIONS!

My two fitting objectives

When fitting golf clubs, I have two objectives.

The first objective is to determine the essential club specifications that will provide the client with ability to make square and centered contact and send the ball on a playable trajectory the highest percentage of time. Those specifications would include:


  GRIP size, taper, and feel

  SHAFT length, weight, flex, and bend profile

  CLUB HEAD weight, loft, lie-angle, face-angle, and design  

I do this for every club in the bag - PUTTER thru DRIVER.


The second objective is to determine the specific set composition (the specific combination of wedges, irons, hybrids & fairway woods) that will provide that particular client with functional yardage gaps. 

Club Fitting Rates

KZG Club Fitting Rates                
When purchasing KZG golf clubs, there is never a charge for the fit.  The fit is always included in the purchase price.  

Standard Club Fitting Rate
For all other golf clubs, my club fitting rate is $100 per hour.

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