Frequently asked questions on golf instruction

Do you have a teaching philosophy?

My goal as a coach is to teach each of my students how to SIGNIFICANTLY and PERMANENTLY lower their average score. Golf is a game and the player’s ability is defined solely by their average score – not by what their swing looks like.

So you don’t teach a particular swing method?

No I don’t. The ball doesn’t care how you swing, it only responds to the clubface at impact. I help my students discover their own way to make square and centered contact and launch the ball on a playable trajectory. Trying to swing exactly like someone else is pointless. I teach students how to better understand, balance, and manage the swing they already have.

Why do golfers stop improving?

It’s because they have a limited understanding of how the game is best played and, as a result, they misunderstand the process of improvement.

How do you teach your students to lower their average score?

I teach them how to improve their accuracy off the tee and lower their short game scoring average. It’s an old school formula that has worked for hundreds of years and still works today.

How much do you charge for lessons?

90-Minute Introductory Full Game & Equipment Evaluation $89 (Save $46!)

This is the perfect way for you to acquire a better understanding of your game, and to learn exactly how I teach.

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60-Minute Lesson $90

The cost of range balls is included in the price.

Do you give playing lessons?

2-Hour Playing Lesson $100 Warm-up balls, golf cart and green fees are all included in the price. I teach the "Five Essential Playing Skills" outlined in my book Understanding Golf. It’s a great way to both improve your focus and learn effective course management.