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90 Minute Evaluation
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Are You Struggling to Improve?

Let's Find Out Why!

If you've been struggling for a long time to lower your average score, you're either playing to your full potential or you have a limited understanding of the game, your equipment, or the process of improvement.


Trust me, you're not currently scoring to your full potential!  So take my most popular lesson and together we’ll discover why you’re not improving.


My Introductory 90-Minute

Equipment & Full Game Evaluation

For Only $89!



For new students, I offer and Introductory 90-Minute Equipment & Full Game Evaluation for the reduced price on only $89.00.  A $61.00 Savings!


I'll evaluate your:


      Putting Technique

      Chipping Technique

      Pitching Technique

                                               Full Iron Swing

                                              and Driver Swing

I'll also measure the specifications of your current clubs and determine how well they complement your size, strength, and natural swing motion.


Plus, I’ll give you over $50.00 in FREE GIFTS!

A free copy of my book Understanding Golf

A free copy of my book Rethinking Golf Clubs”

A free custom fit and installed Pure Grip of your choice

If needed, I’ll adjust your putter specifications 

 If needed, I’ll adjust your driver specifications  


And, most importantly, I’ll explain in detail how I believe you could most easily lower your average score!


I give well over 100 of these Introductory Equipment & Full Game Evaluations every year. They're very informative, inexpensive, and fun! If you would like to schedule one, please call anytime at 951-377-6268.

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