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How many times do you have to change your swing before you get better?

Continually learning different ways to hit a golf ball has little to do with becoming a better golfer.

Books, magazines and videos provide us with a never-ending supply of swing tips. Every time we try to incorporate one of these tips into our swing, what are we really doing? We're just learning a different way to hit a golf ball.

That's fine but, in the long run, what are we accomplishing? We all know that there's an endless number of ways to hit a golf ball. How many times have you, in some way, tried to change your swing? Ten times? One hundred times? In my early years, I think I tried to change my swing about a thousand times!

Unfortunately, most golfers equate swing changes with improvement. through continuously implementing swing tips they, at some level, believe themselves to be in a continual state of improvement. Actually, they're in a continual state of running in circles.

You can lower your average score significantly with your current golf swing and current equipment. All you have to do is learn how to play the game better. You probably haven't heard much about "learning to play the game better" because it's not a popular topic with golf club manufacturers or swing instructors.

Helping golfers learn how to play the game better is what I do, and why I wrote the book, "Understanding Golf".

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