My Simple Path to Lower Scores

Most golfers believe they could improve through simply buying new golf clubs or changing their golf swing. I wish it was that simple! Unfortunately, there are no short cuts to better golf. I have, however discovered a simple path. Here it is:


FIRST - Play with golf clubs that make golf easier to play. 

Playing with poorly fit equipment makes the game more difficult that it already is. Most golfers don't need new golf clubs, they just need to make a few adjustments to the set they already own. If you're confused about golf clubs, I''ll give you a free copy of my book , "Rethinking Golf Clubs".

SECOND - Improve your ball-striking through "expanding your margin of error"

Regardless of your level of play, to lower your average score you need to hit fewer below average golf shots. 

That is most easiy accomplished through "expanding your margin of error" - through making positive adjustments to your setup position, intention, and swing focus; through learning to understand ball-striking differently. 

THIRD - Understand and become better at what you casn effectively control when playing

The five "consciously controllable" aspects of shot-making are shot selection, club selection, setup position, intention, and swing focus. As you improve in position these five areas, you become a better golfer - and you scores will drop immediately - with seemingly no effort!

FOURTH - Acquire a better understanding of golf and how it is best played. 

It's impossible to improve beyond your understanding of the game and how it is best played. Most golfers stop learning about golf far too soon. Evey day I teach the exact ideas outlined in my book, "Understanding Golf".