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Hello, my name is Philip Moore. I’m a professional club fitter, club builder, golf coach, and golf writer.


Welcome to my site!


I'm a member of the Association of Golf Club Fitting Professionals, I'm a KZG Master Club Builder, and I own and operate Phil’s Custom Golf Shop - a full service facility specializing in custom golf club fitting, building, re-gripping, and repairs.


I’ve also written two books on golf, The Mad Science of Golf: On moving past golf industry hype and learning to play better golf - published in 2007, and Understanding Golf: Learn to significantly lower your average score without hitting the ball farther, changing your swing, or buying expensive golf clubs – published in 2013.


Every day, I teach my students the exact principles I outlined in these two books.


I've been playing golf, studying golf, and building golf clubs for almost 50 years.  I believe I’ve acquired a good understanding of the game, how it is best played, and how it is most effectively taught.

In business, I have three simple missions –


     First - I custom fit and build beautiful KZG golf clubs.


     Second - I teach golfers - at every age and level - how to better                                  understand  the game and play to their full potential.


     Third - I provide tour van quality re-gripping, upgrade, and repair                            services.


Hopefully, this site will provide you with a good understand of my thoughts on golf and the services I provide.


I’ll look forward to meeting you in person, answering your questions, and hopefully becoming your personal club maker, golf coach, or both!